International Journal of Applied Chemical Sciences Research

Vol. 4, No. 2, July 2016

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 Water Hardness Removal by Using Waste Polystyrene

Authors: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Hussein, Prof. Ass. Dr. Ehssan Nassef, Eng. Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim


  1. The possibility of using waste polystyrene to remove the hardness of water has been investigated. Waste of polystyrene is consisting of white coffee cups and foams and they were converted into adsorbent by heterogeneous sulfonation.
2. Consequently, Infra-red technique has been used to confirm the sulfonation. Degree of sulfonation and cation exchange capacity has been determined by titration. Hard water has been prepared by dissolving Mg or Ca salts in distilled water. The modified polymer provides high purification of hard water comparable to conventional adsorbent. Copyright © IJACSR, all rights reserved.